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Paisley and Dalton [ San Diego Twins Photographer ]

Sunday, November 25th, 2012

I was so excited to photograph my second set of newborn twins only a week after my first newborn twin session.  Sweet little Paisley and Dalton (don’t you just LOVE their names?) came to me for their photography debut at only 8 days old. I absolutely love how different they look!  They were so tiny, and so adorable…I wanted to keep them!

Tiny eight day old fraternal twin babies, boy gently resting on girl's back, amber headband and fabric bow on newborn girl's head, laying on textured brown blanketone week old baby boy with lots of dark brown hair resting head in hands on dark brown textured blanket
peaceful, one week old baby girl resting on hands wearing brown beaded halo, wrinkled newborn baby skin
view from above of sweet sleeping newborn infant girl with brown beaded halo, wrinkled newborn skin
close-up of 8 day old baby lips, macro photography
macro close-up of newborn baby profile, nose, lips and closed eyes, brown blanket background

newborn baby fraternal twins holding hands in a heart shape, sleeping in green washtub on cream flokati rug, overhead view

newborn twin his and hers toes, 5 newborn boy toes and 5 newborn girl toesone week old fraternal twins sleeping side by side on brown blanket, boy in blue wrap, girl in pink wrap, view from above
full body view of week old twins sleeping side by side in his and her wraps

Rebecca and Sierra [ San Diego Twin Photographer ]

Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

I was so excited to photograph my first set of newborn twins!  Rebecca and Sierra came to me at 2 weeks old for their modeling debut, and they were simply precious!  I absolutely love the images that I captured of these gorgeous girl together and separately.  They are both so beautiful and unique.

cute happy newborn baby twins sleeping with crowns
precious twin baby girls, one resting on the other, wearing vintage headbands
two week old infant portrait with vintage rosette headband, cute newborn wrinkly skin
macro photography, newborn lips
cute button nose macro photo
twin infant girls holding hands with flower headbands laying on a green blanket
close-up of hand holding twins
twins holding hands near heads, arms around each other, flower headbands, green chunky knit blanket
little baby twin girls laying in wooden basket, white headbands, top view
twin girls with hands behind heads with matching white organic headbands
sleepy twin girls with interlocked fingers laying on cream blanket wearing organic headbands, shot from above