What to Expect

Newborn Session

Newborn sessions are best scheduled within the first 15 days of life.  This is when they are most “moldable” and sleepy.  In order to achieve cute, curled-up, sleeping newborn pictures, here’s what I recommend:

Start feeding baby 1/2 hour before our scheduled session so baby is well fed and full. We may have to stop mid-session for another feeding, that is expected.   We want baby to remain content and sleepy for his/her first photo session.

I prefer to shoot newborns in their natural skin, so as to fully capture their newness.  Clothes can make babies look stuffy and uncomfortable and often comes out looking unnatural.  For a session in your home, have baby undressed, down to his diaper, and wrapped in a thick, warm blanket before feeding.  If possible, loosen his diaper about 1 hour before the shoot, to avoid red diaper marks on his bottom.

If you are wanting pictures with your newborn, I suggest wearing a black top and jeans. This will help create very simple and timeless black and white photographs.

Be assured that if there is ever a point where you’re uncomfortable with the poses, simply let me know.

A session can last a couple of hours. It is best not to rush, so baby will remain happy, calm, and sleep. Make necessary arrangements to allot for that time.

All accommodations will be made to ensure the baby is happy and full… and sleepy. Breaks for feeding/nursing are encouraged if needed.

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