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Kate – San Diego Newborn Photographer

Friday, January 10th, 2014

We are so happy to introduce the newest member of our family, Kate Elise!

Paisley and Dalton [ San Diego Twins Photographer ]

Sunday, November 25th, 2012

I was so excited to photograph my second set of newborn twins only a week after my first newborn twin session.  Sweet little Paisley and Dalton (don’t you just LOVE their names?) came to me for their photography debut at only 8 days old. I absolutely love how different they look!  They were so tiny, and so adorable…I wanted to keep them!

Tiny eight day old fraternal twin babies, boy gently resting on girl's back, amber headband and fabric bow on newborn girl's head, laying on textured brown blanketone week old baby boy with lots of dark brown hair resting head in hands on dark brown textured blanket
peaceful, one week old baby girl resting on hands wearing brown beaded halo, wrinkled newborn baby skin
view from above of sweet sleeping newborn infant girl with brown beaded halo, wrinkled newborn skin
close-up of 8 day old baby lips, macro photography
macro close-up of newborn baby profile, nose, lips and closed eyes, brown blanket background

newborn baby fraternal twins holding hands in a heart shape, sleeping in green washtub on cream flokati rug, overhead view

newborn twin his and hers toes, 5 newborn boy toes and 5 newborn girl toesone week old fraternal twins sleeping side by side on brown blanket, boy in blue wrap, girl in pink wrap, view from above
full body view of week old twins sleeping side by side in his and her wraps

Spencer – 4 weeks new [ San Diego Baby Photographer ]

Wednesday, November 14th, 2012

Oh my goodness, look at this little heart throb!  At 4 weeks old and about 12 pounds with a full head of reddish hair, sweet little Spencer totally stole my heart.  He was an amazing sleeper and I simply adore all of the images that we captured of him!

cute, posed 4 week old baby boy portrait, full head of hair, head propped up with arms, hands holding cheeks, visible little toes, on green cable knit blanket
precious, sleeping baby boy with head resting on his hand on a greenish-blue blanket, full head of brown hair with blonde and red highlights
close up of newborn baby lips, macro shot
close up of closed baby eye, blonde eye lashes
sleeping infant portrait, head laying on folded arms, lots of hair, laying on blue-green blanket
hooray, awake baby boy with arms upprecious one month old boy with lots of hair sleeping on weathered green wood crate, cream backgroundinfant resting on brown knit blanket, wearing long gray and orange knit hat, cream backgroundfour week old boy sleeping in wooden puzzle bowl on flokati rug, tan background

Royce – 10 days new [ San Diego Newborn Photographer ]

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

I was so excited when one of my favorite repeat client’s told me she was having another baby!  I shot big brother Bentley’s newborn portraits, as well as his 1st birthday session.  It was so fun meeting the new little addition to the family, sweet baby Royce!  These brothers are just 15 months apart and I know they will be such great buddies!

precious sleepy baby boy in blue knit hat resting on hand, dark blue blanketopen eyes newborn, wrapped on dark blue blanket, contemplating
baby lips macro shot

Cyrus [ San Diego Newborn Photography ]

Thursday, October 25th, 2012

Adorable little Cyrus completely stole my heart during our session back in August.  Such a sweet little guy!  I absolutely adore all of the shots we got of him with his daddy!

posed newborn baby in tan hat resting on hands, cute little toes

newborn baby boy sleeping on folded arms, blue blanket
sleepy baby boy, cute back wrinkles, toes, blue blanket
sleeping newborn, cute back wrinkles, blue blanket, close-up
baby sleeping in round basket, white wood floor
baby sleeping in basket with hand on cheek, white wood floor, close-up

newborn baby boy sleeping in Dad's hands, holding Dad's thumb, black and white photo
Father looking down at sleeping baby boy in his arms, black and white picture
cute little baby boy sleeping on Father's chest, black and white photo

Baby Liam – 18 days new [ San Diego Newborn Photographer ]

Monday, October 22nd, 2012

Remember sweet mama Sarah and her beautiful beach maternity session?  I finally got to meet her sweet little man Liam at 18 days new!  This little guy arrived nearly 2 weeks late, so we were all very excited for his arrival.  At 18 days, he slept like a champ and let me use so many fun set ups!  Thanks Liam for a wonderful session.

newborn baby boy froggy pose, hands holding cheeks, cute little toes, adorable baby lips on brown textured blanket
newborn baby boy sleeping on hands on brown blanket
macro picture of baby toes
sleepy, wrapped baby boy laying on brown blanket
macro shot of newborn baby boy with little hands on cheeks, brown blanket
sleeping newborn baby boy laying on tummy, green blanket, baby toes
baby boy resting on arms, green blanket
newborn in green basket, light wood floor
close-up of baby sleeping on arms in green basket, light background
sleepy baby in basket, shot from above, wood floor
close-up of sleepy baby boy on tan blanket, cute little hands